The Library Theatre Company present

Manchester Sound: The Massacre

By Polly Wiseman Directed by Paul Jepson

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  • Sat 8 Jun - Sat 6 Jul 2013

Two of Manchester’s most iconic eras are about to collide in Manchester Sound: The Massacre – and you’re on the guest list.

In an underground club in Manchester, two groups of idealists meet. Both are looking for utopia, or, at the very least, something like euphoria. Both are being hounded by the law. And both are hoping for the night of their lives. They just happen to come from different centuries…

This unique production brings the changing face of protest in our radical city vividly to life – from the Peterloo Massacre of 1819 to the late 80s acid house scene, through to today. Cultures clash as fateful protest meets party central in a rich mix of tunes and ecstasy, life-changing conversations and powerful images.

Manchester Sound: The Massacre, staged in a secret city centre venue, takes you deep into the world of the illegal rave parties of Manchester’s second Summer of Love. Melding eye-witness accounts of Peterloo with the experiences of acid house party veterans, it’s a dynamic finale to the Library Theatre Company’s programme of immersive site specific theatre experiences.

Still not sure if Manchester Sound: The Massacre is for you? Listen to what people have thought of the show so far and take a peek behind the scenes…

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Manchester Sound: The Massacre Performances

Sat 8 Jun 7:30pm Preview £15
Mon 10 Jun 7:30pm Preview SOLD OUT
Tue 11 Jun 7:30pm Press Night SOLD OUT
Wed 12 Jun 7:30pm £22/18
Thu 13 Jun 7:30pm £24
Fri 14 Jun 6:00pm £24
Fri 14 Jun 9:00pm £26
Sat 15 Jun 6:00pm SOLD OUT
Sat 15 Jun 9:00pm £26
Mon 17 Jun 7:30pm £22/18
Tue 18 Jun 7:30pm £22/18
Wed 19 Jun 7:30pm Signed Performance £22/18
Thu 20 Jun 7:30pm £24
Fri 21 Jun 6:00pm £24
Fri 21 Jun 9:00pm £26
Sat 22 Jun 6:00pm £24
Sat 22 Jun 9:00pm £26
Mon 24 Jun 7:30pm £22/18
Tue 25 Jun 7:30pm £22/18
Wed 26 Jun 7:30pm £22/18
Thu 27 Jun 7:30pm £24
Fri 28 Jun 6:00pm £24
Fri 28 Jun 9:00pm £26
Sat 29 Jun 6:00pm £24
Sat 29 Jun 9:00pm £26
Mon 1 Jul 7:30pm £22/18
Tue 2 Jul 7:30pm Signed Performance £22/18
Wed 3 Jul 7:30pm £22/18
Thu 4 Jul 7:30pm £24
Fri 5 Jul 6:00pm £24
Fri 5 Jul 9:00pm £26
Sat 6 Jul 6:00pm £24
Sat 6 Jul 9:00pm £26

There are plenty of ideas jostling for attention here but it’s all presented with a light touch and the sort of adrenaline-raising immersive vibe you can feel on your pulse… Well worth nosing out.

The Daily Telegraph

The play is enthralling, thought-provoking and gives you pangs of nostalgia for those endless nights running around the warehouse and squat party scene in the late eighties.

Louder Than War – John Robb

Once inside, we were transported to another world. The set design offered delight after delight… An original and immersive experience, it will stick in the memory like a rave chord on loop. Manchester Sound thrilled me to the bones. Enjoy the trip. And it is a trip.

Manchester Salon

If you want to experience a truly participatory theatre event then you need look no further… This is one theatrical event not to be missed… The rave replicated the Hacienda with such precision and attention to detail… Just like I felt back then, I didn’t want the night to end.

The Good Review

Paul Jepson’s direction is pacy, energetic and slick… An exciting, compelling and provocative evening of theatre. Definitely recommended for anyone who prefers their theatre to be immersive and experiential as opposed to predictable and passive.

The Public Reviews

I loudly applaud the ambition of Manchester Sound: The Massacre mixing such far-apart points in history… The Library’s summer days and nights out have all been must-experience theatrical events and I will really miss that excitement when they move into their purpose-built new home in the future.

Cultural Shenanigans

Highly addictive… leaves you in no doubt that you’ve taken part in a major event.

What’s On Stage

The Massacre does have some stirring moments as distant and recent past meet in the club lavatories, and the dead rise in a rousing Les Misérables-style finale to remind us that we do have the power to build the world anew.

The Guardian

Wiseman’s writing creates some engaging encounters between characters from both periods. For once, it’s difficult to see the joins between a professional cast of eight and the two-dozen community company who augment the action.”

Lancashire Evening Post

The final scene is a gem – a sweet moment of musical theatre and a tender tribute to unity and human endeavour in both centuries.

Manchester Evening News

Intriguing, thought-provoking and original from start to finish.”

Bolton News

Rachel Austin stands out as particularly strong in both eras… Leah Hackett is also very good… Simeon Truby does a very good job as musical director and composer.

British Theatre Guide

A glowing example of how to create drama with an acid house pulse that makes you feel you’re in the midst of history.”

Weekend Notes

The Library Theatre Company’s latest production has to be its most ground-breaking yet… All the cast are outstanding and their performances are very real… A great way to introduce young people to an art form that, in the hands of companies like this, is always exciting.

Sale and Altrincham Messenger

Bold and highly-imaginative… It all makes for a unique and immersive theatre spectacle that also has a lot to say for itself.”

Manchester Theatre Awards

A very enjoyable experience… Another inventive, site-specific play which is another love letter to this wonderful city and the people in it.

Cultural Tale of Two Cities

An interesting evening… The cast are impressive. The massacre scene is brilliantly chaotic, with strong input from movement director Lucy Hind.

Manchester Confidential

Where the action takes place is wonderfully atmospheric. Soundscapes and video projection move the action on and add layers of texture and tension to the drama.

Tusk Journal

A collective energy and a closeness to the action sweeps you along.

The Stage

Delivers on atmosphere by the bucket load… The final scenes will linger long after the last beat of Manchester Sound fades.

Fiction Stroker

If you weren’t there in Hacienda-era Manchester, you’ll wish you were.

Wythenshawe FM

The staging is bold and effective with the audience becoming active participants in the gathering.


Library Theatre Company

The Cast

Pete Ashmore
Rachel Austin
Dean Anthony Fagan
Stephen Fewell
DJ Liberty/Henry Hunt
Adam Fogerty
Leah Hackett
Janey Lawson
Simeon Truby

Production Crew

Paul Jepson
Polly Wiseman
Amanda Stoodley
Peter Rice
Sound Designer
Chris Davey
Lighting Designer
Timothy Bird
Projection Designer
Lucy Hind
Movement Director
Simeon Truby
Musical Director
Rebecca Taylor
Assistant Director
Henrietta Duckworth
Dennis Charles
Production Manager
Jim Gee
Project Manager
Chris Honer
Artistic Director
Rebecca Jenner
Theatre Admin & Casting
David Doyle
Stage Supervisor
Paul Gregory
Sound Supervisor
Danny Stewart
Lighting Supervisor
Fi Carrington
Wardrobe Supervisor
Billy Caldwell & Marc Hough/DJ Tintin
Music Supervisors
Kevin Cummins
Production Photographer
Avril Mason
Production Administrator
Jamie Byron
Company Stage Manager
Amy Chandler
Chris Booth
James Woods

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Comments on Manchester Sound: The Massacre

  1. Hi

    Hope there is room for:

    Joy Division - Transmission
    Inspiral Carpets - Joe
    Mock Turtles - Can You Dig It

    Said Richard From Bury at 12:36pm on 3rd May 2013

  2. Annette - Dream 17. Pickering/Gerald Simpson classic.

    Said Ste Taylor From Manchester at 10:39am on 7th May 2013

  3. Stakker -Humanoid
    808 State -Flowcoma

    Said Graham From manchester at 09:09am on 9th May 2013

  4. the beloved the sun rising. victor romeo - acid raid. new order-round and round. jack frost-two the max. new order-true dub.

    Said eric From United Kingdom at 14:15pm on 9th May 2013

  5. Some great suggestions guys thankyou! They've all been added to the mix - keep them coming.

    Said Library Theatre Company at 12:45pm on 10th May 2013

  6. Perfume by Paris know it makes sense

    Fay, Middleton massive

    Said Fay caveney From Middleton at 22:52pm on 12th May 2013

  7. A Certain Ratio: Si Firmir O Grido

    Said Hilary From Manchester at 22:01pm on 22nd May 2013

  8. Going down to Liverpool by The Bangles

    Said Maggie From United Kingdom at 14:37pm on 1st Jun 2013

  9. Weekender by Flowered Up

    Said Paul From Manchester moss side at 14:04pm on 4th Jun 2013

  10. How about, 'Girl you know it's true.' Milli Vanilli

    great percussion beat.

    I look forward to the production......

    Said tony From Bucks at 12:20pm on 5th Jun 2013

  11. The playlist just keeps on growing! Don't stop giving us suggestions...

    Said Library Theatre Company at 12:40pm on 5th Jun 2013

  12. Every Beat of My Heart - The Railway Children and 7x7 by Poppy Factory - both obscure, both great.

    Said Steve Straw From The north at 19:48pm on 5th Jun 2013

  13. Home grown.

    Lisa Stansfield - This is the right time or All around the world?
    Happy Mondays Kinky Afro
    It's a given!

    Said Dawn From Manchester at 10:50am on 6th Jun 2013

  14. How about Ultracynic: Nothing is Forever

    True Faith: Take me Away

    Said Cat From Manchester at 14:03pm on 12th Jun 2013

  15. Richie Havens' version of Back To My Roots

    Said Owain From MCR by way of LDN at 14:55pm on 12th Jun 2013

  16. For someone who is a proud Mancunian, interested in our city's history and was involved with the Acid House and music scene, this play ticked all the boxes. Absolutely fantastic and I urge anyone to go and watch it. Brilliant story, super and interesting setting, really unique and utterly enjoyable! Well done all the cast and production crew.

    Said Mike at 22:21pm on 23rd Jun 2013

  17. 808 State Pacific
    A Guy Called Gerald Voodoo Ray
    Stakker Humanoid
    Cabaret Voltaire Sensoria
    and and...
    Shriekback Suck

    and many more....

    Said Ravi Naik From Urmston at 07:42am on 26th Jun 2013

  18. Went to see this last night and it was absolutely awesome! Totally unique - GO!

    Said Cassie Nolan From Manchester at 11:47am on 26th Jun 2013

  19. Brilliant production, cast & location. Got some real sense of the horror of the massacre.

    Said Mike Conroy From United Kingdom at 14:25pm on 5th Jul 2013

  20. Really looking forward to this tomorrow night , sounds like a perfect execution of a brilliant idea. Long live Manchester !

    Said janine From stockport at 21:07pm on 5th Jul 2013

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